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                      Gershwin Night Stand in Walnut for House Decoration

                      Sku: 102600
                      Price AED 2,145 AED 1,287 Special Price AED 1,287
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                      Barry Side Table in Natural Dark Ideal for House Decoration

                      Sku: 103861
                      Price AED 2,145 AED 1,608 Special Price AED 1,608
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                      Jaiden Side Table in White Gold for House Decoration

                      Sku: 101635
                      Price AED 525 AED 341 Special Price AED 341
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                      Dale Side Table in Gold for House Decoration

                      Sku: 97828
                      Price AED 745 AED 186 Special Price AED 186
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                      Ellie Side Table in Gold for House Decoration

                      Sku: 99223
                      Price AED 2,195 AED 768 Special Price AED 768
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                      Emilio Side Table in Gold for House Decoration

                      Sku: 101488
                      Price AED 1,695 AED 1,101 Special Price AED 1,101
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                      Everett Side Table in Grey for House Decoration

                      Sku: 101492
                      Price AED 1,095 AED 492 Special Price AED 492
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                      Piper Side Table in Light Green for House Decoration

                      Sku: 97033
                      Price AED 2,225 AED 890 Special Price AED 890
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                      Orsa Side Table in Light Green for House Decoration

                      Sku: 99270
                      Price AED 1,495 AED 598 Special Price AED 598
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                    What makes a bedroom more appealing? It is the perfect storage which leads to a well-organized bedroom. The bedroom is the place where we spend a peaceful amount of time and so it should be arranged properly. A messed up bedroom might spoil your mood. It is very important to showcase your bedroom in the best possible manner.

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                    Bed side tables make a perfect addition to your bedroom. At 2XL, you can explore bed side tables to match your bedroom furniture. The must-have home furniture is a must to keep your night-time necessities within reach. Be it water, novel or any medicine, you can place it on the bed side table and access the same when required.

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