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                      Light Pink Rhombus Mirror for Stylish Home Decor

                      Sku: 98416
                      Price AED 179 AED 53 Special Price AED 53
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                      Light Gold Oval Mirror for Classy Home Decor

                      Sku: 98417
                      Price AED 239 AED 71 Special Price AED 71
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                      Cream Frame with Mirror for Home Decor

                      Sku: 89991
                      Price AED 1,129 AED 846 Special Price AED 846
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                      Silver Frame Mirror Ideal for Home Decor

                      Sku: 95691
                      Price AED 659 AED 197 Special Price AED 197
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                      Frame Silver Mirror Ideal for Home Decor

                      Sku: 95680
                      Price AED 2,999 AED 899 Special Price AED 899
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                    SHOP WALL MIRRORS

                    Stylish Wall Mirrors for Every Home Space

                    Decorate your living space with stylish wall mirrors and change the entire vibe in your home. Adorning your space with home furniture, lights and, several accents is necessary but placing stylish wall mirrors can equally make your space look beautiful. Visit and purchase wall mirrors online at

                    Enticing Wall Mirrors- Adorn your Walls Beautifully

                    Are you searching for ways to enhance your house decoration? Including wall mirrors is an ideal way to beautify your home space with a pinch of sophistication. Explore a wide range of wall mirrors at 2XL, which includes wall mirrors in different size, shape, and colours. Make the right choice of the wall mirrors to match your home decor as it can make or break the look of your space.

                    Adorn your living space walls with decorative wall mirrors available at Placing the wall mirrors at a correct height is very important. Arrange your walls with multiple wall mirrors and it can act as a home accent. It is a classy way to elevate your living room decoration. Wall mirrors with stand can be placed in different corners of your room and can provide enough room space.

                    Add extra flair to your bedroom space by including wall mirrors. Provide your bedroom decoration a makeover with these attractive modern decor. Always make sure that the wall mirrors serves the purpose of both utility and appearance. Wall mirrors can be incorporated into any room in your home. A good mirror is required in a bathroom as well when it comes to shaving, brushing your teeth or applying make-up.

                    Get exciting ideas to decorate your home decor by including stylish wall mirrors at 2XL. We understand everyone’s need is different and so we have wall mirrors in different shapes to match your expectations. Choose from an array of wall mirrors, each of which is crafted from good material.

                    Buy Wall Mirrors Online at 2XL

                    Explore the best wall mirrors to run with your modern decor at We offer a large selection of budget-friendly styles to add a dash of refinement to your home decor. Enjoy shopping online at 2XL Furniture and Home Decor.

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