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                      Vivacious Yellow Bowl for Ideal Table Setting

                      Sku: 104907
                      Price AED 1,299 AED 974 Special Price AED 974
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                      Vivacious Light Blue Bowl for Table Setting

                      Sku: 104886
                      Price AED 1,499 AED 1,124 Special Price AED 1,124
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                      Graceful Yellow Bowl for Ideal Table Setting

                      Sku: 104897
                      Price AED 999 AED 749 Special Price AED 749
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                      Voguish Green Glass Bowl for Table Setting

                      Sku: 104906
                      Price AED 1,429 AED 1,071 Special Price AED 1,071
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                      Gershwin Walnut Dining Table to Complete Home Furniture

                      Sku: 102603
                      Price AED 7,445 AED 4,467 Special Price AED 4,467
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                      Silin Light Brown Dining Chair for House Decoration

                      Sku: 97709
                      Price AED 875 AED 656 Special Price AED 656
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                      Osmond White Dining Chair for House Decoration

                      Sku: 99251
                      Price AED 1,295 AED 971 Special Price AED 971
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                      Aesthetic Multi-Coloured Bowl for Table Setting

                      Sku: 99750
                      Price AED 49 AED 19 Special Price AED 19
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                      Pack of Elegant Green Napkins for Ideal Table Setting

                      Sku: 96924
                      Price AED 22 AED 16 Special Price AED 16
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                    Dining Room

                    A dining room is the ideal place to enjoy good food and good times. It is the place where you share meal times and valuable moments with loved ones. This multifunctional room is utilized for everything from daily dinner time with your kids to weekend luxurious parties with friends and family. So it's important to create a comfortable and relaxing dining area combined with simplicity and exclusivity.

                    Dining room furniture

                    Set your dining room with elegant furniture that’s sure to impress your guests. It is imperative to select the set of dining table and chairs having an elite display of unique style and elegance.

                    The dining table can bring dynamism to the room as it takes up a prominent space and sets the tone for the entire room. Decide on what kind of environment you want to create. Then, add candles, vases, bowls, plates, dining table clothes, decorative trays, candy holders, and elegant glassware. All these unique additions bring an inviting appeal to your ensemble and make the table more engaging to your guests.

                    Dining chairs also add extra style to the overall decor of the room. They elevate the beauty of your space. Select the ones which suit your lifestyle and comfort level. A perfect dining room accessory, it is important to check how they look and fit in the room. A wide variety of chairs adorn dining room based on materials such as fabric chairs, leather chairs, wood chairs, arm chairs etc. which typically provide the most comfort.

                    Buffet tables are versatile additions offering an eye-catching focal point in the dining room. They are used as storage to keep things organized in dining rooms or any living space. These multi-functional tables serve as both as decorative items and utility items.

                    Sit back in comfort and enjoy the good food times with the elegant sets of dining room furniture available at

                    Dining room lighting

                    Right lighting sets the right mood in your dining space. Get creative with your dining room decoration by placing proper light fixtures. Chandeliers, pendant lights, wall lamps, and floor lamps are few options to light your dining space in a stylish way.  

                    Placing chandeliers provide the much needed overhead lighting along with elegance and versatility. The right pendant light makes a decorative statement and also supplying enough light for the table. You can brighten up your dining room with wall lamps and floor lamps which can be placed anywhere. Wall lamps are an alternative to overhead lights. Buffet lamps are also available to light up your buffet table.

                    Dining room accessories

                    Accessorise your dining space with elegant wall decors, wall plaques, wall plates and photo frames or artworks that match with your design style.

                    Adorn your dining space with adorable table setting items. Table setting items are so much more than just dishware. Select metallic accents which give any space a glamorous feel. Try table clothes beautifully knitted, potted plants, decorative bottles, glassware, elegant centerpieces, candle sticks, flatware to add colour and personality to your tabletop. Get a charming fine dining experience with adorable dinner sets, tea pots, cup and saucer sets, elegant trays, plates, and cake stands which are beautifully arranged.   

                    From dishes, lighting, seating to accessories, we have an extensive collection of decor items to create a chic home dining room any guest would envy. Make your dining room an epitome of style and comfort by visiting

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